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The perilous Pandemic has shocked the entire world in a blink. Millions died, unemployed, and hospitalized in almost a year. Economic activities, flights, vehicles, and social activities have to be halted. The economy of the world was on the verge of recession. Those were the adverse consequences of the Covid-19.

The incumbent government came to power in 2018, with the sacred manifesto of addressing the socio-economic issues in the country. Within two years, how much they are successful in culminating the impediments to progress and prosperity? The below-mentioned facts and figures and systemic analysis will reveal the truth concretely.


Over a while, the IT industry has revolutionized the learning process. Now, it is time to get digitalized. The digitalization of the education industry has provided many incentives to the learners. MOOC is one of them. In 2012, prominent US University had started MOOCs in collaboration with private universities, which…

Amjad Ali

I am a lawyer by profession and writer by passion. Currently, as a writer, i am working on different freelance market places.

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